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Exclusive Carp Fishing at Lac Bernard in Northern France

Welcome to Lac Bernard, we are a family run lake from England and opened our gates for the first time to guests in 2016.

The picturesque lake , beautifully matured with over hanging tree lined banks on all sides was privately owned by a Parisian family and used as a vacation destination for the last 30 years. They stocked the lake with a mix of Grass, Mirror and Common Carp plus other course fish and during that time together they have flourished.

In 2015 we added Common and Mirror Carp between the weights of 30lb – 52lb who have all settled in to their new environment and some have even graced our banks at improved weights in their first year. Early 2017 seen a further 130 Carp introduced with weights ranging from 18lb to 31lb and moving into 2018 we are already planning the fish for our next stocking.

Lac Bernard in Northern France is a 2 and a half hour drive from the port of Calais.

Approximately 5.75 acres of water we offer a Exclusive Carp Fishing venue for a group of friends or family who want to rent their own lake in Northern France for a week. Maximum for 4 anglers with the choice of 5 swims. Varied depths from 5 to 9 feet throughout and with a gravel/silt bottom.

Pegs 1 to 5 are all placed on the same side of the lake making it more sociable,  water is straight in front and to either side maximising on catching potential for moving fish and offering the fairest option to the anglers.

An off grid Cabin is at Peg 2 plus a large decked platform and use of a shelter that is attached to the building giving a view of all the water and a great place to barbeque. Inside the cabin it’s equipped with a Gas Hob , Sink , Fridge/Freezer and English plug sockets powered by Solar Panels and generator for recharging batteries and basic facilities. The shower room is accessed by the side entrance of the cabin offering some privacy.  Toilet cubicle also available close to the car park.

Ample parking for 4 vehicles if needed and the entire perimeter is fenced. A private track is used to gain access from the main road.


Getting to Lac Bernard is relatively simple , once you arrive at Calais and join the A26 towards Arras , 130 of the 148 miles is spent on this toll road at a cost of just 16 euros.

Exit from the A26 is taken at Junction ’13’ Laon. You are now 18 miles away from the lake, at this point it’s a good idea to top up on any supplies from the major supermarkets in Laon like Carrefour and Aldi but also a good place to refill petrol or diesel tanks. The supermarkets are clearly signposted up on entering the town alternatively you can search for ‘Carrefour Commercial’ in your Sat Nav.

The lake borders a small village called Bourg-et-Comin in Villers-en-Prayeres 02160 , 25 minutes from Laon. Our access track leaves the D967 ‘ Rue de la Cendriere ‘ and our signs are displayed.

A short walk from the lake is the village of Bourg-et-Comin, a small Convenience store, Butchers, Bakery, Restaurants, Tabac/Bar are all available.


In November 2015 we received one of our stocking programme deliveries which takes place over the next 3 years from a highly reputable French breeder. We opted for a spread range of weights in 2015 , 52lb & 45lb some of our largest fish and 30lb the smallest of the stocking. All of them were a mixture of Common and Mirror species and have successfully made the transition now making Lac Bernard their new future home.

January 2017 was the second stocking of our programme and we added 100 x Mirrors & Commons average weights between 18lb – 24lb plus another thirty Grass Carp ranging from 8lb to 31lb , some of these fish are featured in the ‘Gallery’ section. They too have now settled into their new home and are gracing our banks in excellent condition.

We will be adding more hand selected Big Carp and this time round some large Pike to the original stock ready in time for the 2018 guests.

We guesstimate the original stock of carp before 2015 to be around 150-200 and the largest caught of these to date is a 40lb 4oz Common. Previously the original stock had never been fished for so they are in immaculate condition and for the next few seasons we certainly expect more big surprises to be caught by our guests.

The previous owner repeatedly over the years fed baguettes from the cabin so they are no strangers when it comes to floating baits, a number of fish have now been caught using this method which we know is a rarity in France. 

We have no Catfish or Sturgeon in Lac Bernard.


At Peg 2 is the lake cabin. 20ft x 18xft brick built with insulated walls, on the exterior an iron frame extends the decking and roof in front out a further 20ft over the water on stilts to keep you dry in all weather and a great place to BBQ.

Inside the cabin it has a fully fitted kitchenette, Gas Hob, Sink, Fridge Freezer and English plug sockets. Counter top, cupboards, table and chairs. Basic utensils and cook ware. Lighting and charging sockets are based on a combination of generator and solar power. Shower Room available at the side entrance of the cabin and the Toilet cubicle based at the car park.

Boat and Life Jackets are available at the cabin only for emergency use.

Lake Rules

  • Drop off system with lead clips etc only for the welfare of the fish
  • Klinik Anti-Septic External medication for Fish is required, If you arrive without any you will be asked to purchase some before you start fishing
  • Micro-Barbed only
  • 3 Rod limit – rods must not be left unattended
  • Cradles provided
  • No fires
  • No sacking of fish , Carp sacks not permitted on site
  • No nuts
  • Maize must be cooked properly and split between fingers easily before use
  • Radio boats allowed
  • Particle baits allowed
  • 15lb minimum line strength
  • Lock the gate behind you and when you leave the premises


Peg 1 is situated in the left hand corner of the lake. 135 yards of tree lined water to the left which are heavily filled with snags and depths to 6ft, this offers optimal chances as it provides ample amounts of cover for moving fish. The far bank is a range of 140 yards. Open water in this swim offers varied depths from 7ft to 9ft and a gravel silty bottom. 46lb 4oz is the current record for this peg June 2016.

Peg 2 is the cabin peg. Large sheltered area attached to the cabin and 50ft wide decking platform. On this peg you are raised from the water as the framework is built on stilts, the depth immediately underneath your rods is 5ft. Iron steps give access down into the water from the decking enabling you to return fish with ease and boarding the boat if required. Varied depths from 6ft to 9ft in open water either sides and a gravel silty bottom. 52lb 5oz is the current record for this peg October 2016.

Peg 3 is centre peg of the lake. Plenty of open water left and right and depths between 6ft to 9ft, carpy looking margins either sides with over hanging trees. 52lb is the current record for this peg September 2016.

Peg 4 is right centre of the lake. Open water left and right and depths between 5ft to 9ft. At a range of 75 to 100 yards a set of lilly pads generates lots of interest during the daylight hours. Margin depths to 6ft with over hanging trees. 42lb 4oz is the current record for this peg caught October 2016.

Peg 5 is the right side corner, 130 yards of tree lined water and heavily filled with snags. Again, offering plenty of cover for moving fish. Depths from 6ft to 9ft, this peg has great potential and the inside corner shows signs of plenty activity. 51lb 10oz is the current record for this peg caught July 2015.


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