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Catch Reports & Weekly Update 2017 Season

Hi All,

Last update December 2017.

Week 1 (1st April) the guys had 16 fish in total, biggest of the week was a 36lb 8oz Mirror from Peg 5 fished at 70 yards. The rest of the catch was made up of 20lb+ fish from pegs 1 , 2 & 5.

Week 2 was a friend and myself on a work Party , we fished for 2 nights from Peg 2 at a range of 80-90 yards and had 3 x 20’s and a lovely 42lb 4oz below. Had seen them fizzing and boshing out on the day we arrived so decided to place some pellet and a little crushed maize on the showing areas. Fished over the top with Pellet in PVA bags , double popped up maize (Frank Warwick brand) and with the lead stuffed inside the bag always works a treat.


Week 3 the guys struggled, temperatures dropped to below freezing and not many fish showing. They still managed to bag 8 fish during the week best 23lb.

Week 4 and the temperatures picked back up again and the guys had a decent week. 45lb 7oz & 41lb 8oz, were the biggest weights of the week pics below. The guys fished Pegs 1,2,3 & 5  and all had fish 16 in total between them.

nsmailnsmail-3Well done Pete on both of these 40’s good angling pal from Peg 1.

Week 5 tough week for the lads bad weather conditions and cold temps a total of 6 fish however no pity I’m afraid, they decided to take the rules into their own hands and had ‘Fires’ in between pegs 4 & 5 even left one smouldering on the Saturday morning with no regards what so ever for the new arrivals that were only hours away and the poor ducks nest with the mother trying to protect 8 eggs situated between pegs 4 & 5. Absolutely disgusting.

Week 6 good effort from the guys pegs 2 , 3 & 4 were used this week, 9 fish in total between them biggest just shy of 23lb. Majority of the fish were caught from Peg 4 and seemed to be more action on the right side of the lake. Fish were showing on the day of arrival but sloped off by middle of the week with less showing fish by end of the week. Temperatures were up and down however the lads enjoyed a few sunny days and gave us some good feedback about the lake.

Week 7 good week for the lads considering the first signs of spawning are now taking place , 30 fish in total with everyone catching from pegs 1,2,3&5. Well done to James who took 21 fish from Peg 3 fishing the far bank on boillie, pictured below with the best weight a 24lb Mirror.


Geoff and Mark with some catches from the week…


All the lads had a great time and gave us some really positive feedback. Cheers boys all the best.

Week 8 – We gave this week to ‘Help for Heroes’ we had a cancellation the week before so with the balance already paid it was a no brainer. It was a last minute effort so a couple of the lads were up for it and came down, 7 fish for the week biggest 26lb, plenty of sun and relaxing they enjoyed themselves. They’re back again on the 8th July with the full group, glad you enjoyed it boys see you again soon.

Week 9 – Apologies for the delay on the update I’m now a Daddy for the first time so its been sleepless nights and hectic days but its all worth it 🙂

I want to say thanks to Gary, Darren, Lenny & Dan , we received a lovely email from them saying how much the enjoyed their time last week at Lac Bernard. The guys fished pegs 1, 2, 3 & 5 and had 45 carp and even had 2 bonus Pike during the week, 3 new PB’s and some great weather to top it off.

14 fish were caught from Peg 1 , 5 fish from Peg 2 including biggest of the week at 33lb 2oz & a new PB for Darren who definitely has the bragging rights for this trip and the guys will never hear the end of it 🙂 13 fish from peg 3 including 2 pike one @ 12lb plus a new PB @ 19lb 12oz and then 15 fish taken from Peg 5 and again another PB at 22lb 1oz a lovely ‘Two Tone’ pictured below. All the guys were fishing at mid range about half way using boillie.

image4 Darren with the bragging rights for the week from Peg 2.


‘Two Tone’ at 22lb 1oz taken from Peg 5.


Good to see the guys all really enjoying themselves taken from Peg 1.

image1image4 (1)

And even a bonus 12lb Pike taken from Peg 3.

Thanks guys glad you enjoyed it and looking forward to seeing you all again next year @ Lac Bernard.

Week 10 – The guys fished pegs 1, 2, 3 & 5 , six fish in total biggest 28lb mirror and unfortunately lost a big fish at the net. Slow start to the week with more fish showing in the 2nd half of the week. The lads had a good relaxing time with a few scoops and some good feedback for us thanks guys hope to see you again soon.

Week 11 – The lads fished pegs 1 , 3 & 5. 21 fish in total for the week and included 2 x 40’s.


Well done to Anthony for some good angling right at the end sitting back off the baited area (a small bed of pellets and a topping of crushed maize) and was rewarded with a lovely 43lb mirror pictured above on the Friday night.

Peg 1 – 6 fish total biggest 38lb, Peg 3 – 11 fish total biggest 43lb and Peg 5 – 4 fish total biggest 44lb. Well done guys hope to see you again soon.

Week 11 – Was a work party with a friend, initially it was to rake the lake bed to ensure any growth of weed was kept to a minimum however after 3 days we retrieved very little weed from any of the pegs at a range of 110 yards. No fishing this week just enjoyed watching plenty of activity all over the lake.

Week 12 – Good week for David & Matt considering temperatures were 30+ degrees during the day times , 29 fish in total , Pegs 1 & 3 fished. David had 17 fish from Peg 3 biggest of the week a 31lb 5oz Grass Carp from the far bank. Matt on Peg 1 had 12 fish biggest 28lb. Some good feedback from the lads and we’ll be seeing them again next year. Cheers boys.

Week 13 – Temperatures are now at the highest of the year so far for the lads this week 35+ degrees during the day and the activity in the lake has visibly slowed down, some fish were showing at the start of the week 100 yards to Far bank across the lake. The guys finished up with 11 fish between them biggest of the week 26lb. Pegs 1, 2 & 4 were fished.

Week 14 – No fishing , we decided to rest the lake. On the weekend plenty of fish were showing but by Tuesday/Wednesday their was little activity on the lake.

Week 15 – Conditions are still challenging at the moment due to the hot temperatures above 30 degrees each day but more signs of fish showing now which is encouraging and are clearly more visible,  boshing out from 60 to 120 yards throughout the day.  The guys fished Pegs 1, 2 & 3 and had 15 between them for the week. Biggest was a 24lb Mirror from peg 3 however bigger fish were lost from the far side and most of the action was in the right half of the lake.

Week 16 – The guys fished pegs 1, 2 & 3 between them for the week. Temperatures were still high on arrival, Saturday & Sunday started off slow for the lads with little activity showing however it did pick up from Monday on wards. 29 fish for the week 28lb topping the scales. The lads gave us some good feedback about the lake and we’ll be seeing them again next year. Cheers boys

Week 17 – Thanks to Maggie and the guys who fished pegs 1, 2, 3, & 5, they gave us some really good feedback and we’ll be seeing them again in 2018. Lots more activity now at the lake in comparison to the previous weeks, the fish are showing on a more regular basis from 60 yards on wards across the whole lake, the group had 24 fish for the week between them and a 35lb Mirror the top weight taken from Peg 3.

Week 18 – Thanks to Dean and the guys who really enjoyed their holiday at Lac Bernard, they fished pegs 1, 2, 3 & 5, had some great weather good fishing and a laugh with our Bailiff ‘Yacine’, we’ll be seeing them again next season. 17 fish for the week and top weight a 36lb Mirror from Peg 2. Cheers lads see you soon.

Weeks 19 – No Catch Report

Week 20 – The guys got off to a good start with a 43lb, 38lb & 36lb over the weekend and a couple more 30lb+ fish later in the week plus a number of 20’s.

Update – Just want to ensure that anyone due to attend Lac Bernard are fully aware that we do not allow the use of any ‘Nuts‘. Unfortunately there have been cases where just one of the few rules we have has been simply ignored.

Temperatures are still averaging 30+ degrees at the lake with shower intervals normally every few days for brief moments. This has impacted the water levels across France , currently at Lac Bernard we are around 1.5 – 2ft below normal water level.

Week 21 – A massive thanks to Kevin & Steve who joined me at Lac Bernard for a week, they had both been on holiday earlier in the season with us at Lac Bernard and after some long chats and getting to know each other on the bank I invited them back, Kevin is a professional within the Pest Control Industry and gave us plenty of good advice and what signs to look for when dealing with large rural areas. We now have numerous Toxic Bait Box Stations strategically placed in safe areas around the lake which and will be pointed out to you for your safety up on arrival when we show you around the facilities and the pegs.

The fishing ebbed and flowed for the guys during the week, a couple of 20’s on the first night for each of them calmed the nerves and the race was on. Steve in Peg 2 and Kevin in Peg 1, I stood down and let the lads do battle. Next few nights and days a few fish here and there nothing over 25lb and then after deciding enough was enough they both sent the lines to the back tree line after watching them ‘Boshing’ out all day. That night Steve had fish of the week with a 39lb 8oz lovely looking mirror, well done mate. Hope to see you both again soon. (as soon as he sends me the picture I will post it 🙂

Week 22 – The guys got off to a good start fishing from Pegs 2 & 3 over the weekend 36lb, 23lb, & 17lb plus a few fish lost at the net the guys finished on 14 fish for the week 36lb best weight of the week plus the guys enjoyed some match fishing during the day time hours, plenty of good sized Rudd and Perch on the pole and tip.

Week 23 – A big thanks to Steve and the guys they fished from Pegs 1 , 3 & 5 for the week, 47lb Mirror from Peg 1 best weight of the week and a 40lb Mirror from Peg 5, 17 fish in total between the lads some decent weather and plenty of activity across the lake for the week. The guys had a really good time and gave us some good feedback. We’ll be seeing the guys again soon.

Week 24 – Thanks to Martin pictured below, Steve, Nigel and Phil, 32 fish for the week between them from Pegs 1, 2, 3 & 5. 41lb 2oz best weight of the week , 5 x 30’s and the rest 20’s and late teens. Great to chat with the guys about the subtle differences between various rigs and how we use them to our advantage to pick up a few more runs. Martin made some minor adjustments as the week progressed and was rewarded with some stunning fish on the bank.

21728943_10154935775413601_69273974731618259_o41lb 2oz stunning looking Mirror

21458125_10154944653283601_4997955911721094906_o36lb 12oz 21740967_10154944653178601_9117506651803946695_o36lb 8oz

21457881_10154928400003601_6265128320698574090_onice picture from Peg 1. Thanks guys and looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Week 25 – The guys fished from Pegs 2 & 3, was a slow start over the weekend with lots of fish showing on the back wall however with no takes, it started to pick up later in the week for the guys after losing a couple of fish they eventually finished on 8 for the week biggest a lovely 40lb Mirror taken from Peg 2 the rest of the catch were 20lb+ fish.

Week 26 – The guys fished from Pegs 1 , 3 & 5 and a slow week in terms of numbers , Peg 1 produced a brace of stunning 40’s at 42lb & 47lb plus 4 other fish. 6 fish in total for the week.

Week 27 – Big thanks to Mike, Mick & Benny the lads had a good week and booked again with us for the following year, 31 takes between them and landed 18 fish from Pegs 2, 3 & 5. Much more activity on the lake this week than in previous weeks, more fish showing in the day time hours and plenty of crashing out in the night, looking forward to seeing you all again in 2018, cheers boys.


Week 28 – Big thanks to Kieran & Lee they had an amazing week and thought Lac Bernard was very ‘Carpy’ they are coming back in 2018. Was slow for the lads unfortunately with 7 fish and 12 takes from Pegs 2 & 3. 24lb biggest of the week taken from the far corner. Little activity during the day time hours but more could be heard in the evenings. Was great to meet the guys and we’re looking forward to seeing them again in 2018.

Week 29 – The lads fished from pegs 1, 3 & 5 and banked 12 fish for the week. Still a little slow but more activity in the day time. The guys enjoyed themselves and gave us some good feedback. Thanks guys all the best.

If any of the previous groups have anymore pictures they can send me please do so at



Bivvy area for Peg 3.


View from Peg 3 looking at Pegs 4 and 5.



View from Peg 4


Bivvy area for Peg 5


Looking at pegs 4 & 3 from Peg 5.

Work Parties 


We have now removed the majority of the snags on the far bank. Both left and right corners have now roped up areas for out of bounds.


View from Peg 3. The far bank now looks in great shape , the trees over hanging the water.


Keeping the lads busy till late on 🙂


Tree line on the right side of the lake (Peg 5) after removing the trees and snags. Picture taken from Peg 4.


Tree line on the left side of the lake (Peg 1 ) after removing the trees and snags.

DSCN1631View from Peg 5.


View from Peg 2.

Will update you all next week with how the latest arrivals got on this week.

Anyone have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a call 07476519177.

All the best



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  1. kieran Hogan

    June 12, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    Congratulations Alan on becoming a farther
    Best wishes
    If you get a chance can you put some new pics up off the swims and lodge so can get a rough idea where to put bivvys etc
    Roll on October
    Can’t wait to wet a line
    Take care and well done again on the new arrival

    • Alan Manson

      June 25, 2017 at 7:24 pm

      Thanks Kieran we are very happy.

      No problem I’ll upload some pictures now I took last week of the pegs and walkways.

      All the best

      • kieran Hogan

        June 26, 2017 at 10:35 am


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